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    Writing Principles Based on Neuroscience and the Reading Brain

    Master the 16 principles that make any document clear, efficient, and effective. Understand precisely how readers will receive and react to messages—in any medium.

    Writing for Your Reader's Brain's approach incorporates decades of research and teaching writing in virtually every discipline from management and law to computer science engineering and gastroenterology.

    The result: as much as a 60% reduction in organizational email, memos that inspire action, and sales and marketing materials that get results.


  • Making the Difference

    Academic Credentials, Industry Experience

    Yellowlees Douglas, PhD

    Author of 62 peer-reviewed publications, including The Reader's Brain and Biomedical Writer. Professor of Management Communication and English. Faculty in Clinical and Translational Science. Copywriter with clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Janssen, and CunardSeabourn.

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  • What You Get

    Training, Instruction, Materials, and Directed Interventions to Help Your Organization Achieve Its Goals

    If You've Identified Communication Issues

    Targeting Results

    Addressing miscommunication between units. Techniques for getting action and buy-in from inter-organizational communication. Protocols for meeting cross-cultural expectations for global companies. Ensuring compliance by leveraging the powers of primacy, recency, and priming effects.

    If You've Identified Communication Goals

    Ensuring Effective Outcomes

    Understanding matches between content, channel, and audience. Translating the technical into the marketable. Where to place content in messages for maximum attention and recall. Harnessing the power of paradox to foster media coverage and enhance the odds of your messaging going viral.

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